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Q. I am a Department of Justice employee who can retire. I understand that I cannot double dip (receive my retirement from DoJ and also work at another federal position — say, for the Defense Department). But I also understand that there are exceptions and waivers to this rule. Can you please explain the guidelines to me?

Q. I am a former federal employee who left government service after 23 years. I have held competitive and excepted service positions. I work as a federal contractor and have held this position for 15 months. I was recently offered a federal job, and the human resources department told me that they could only rehire me at the grade and step level I was at when I left (GS-13/Step 2). However, my current contracting job pays more than that, and I thought they could rehire me at a higher step rate to match what I am making, but the federal…

Q. A good friend of mine was recently fired/released from duty because he did not meet the stringent medical standards of the Pentagon Police Department. We fall under the Pentagon Force Protection Agency. He has failed several hearing tests over the past two years. His conversational hearing is fine, but he fails the low- or high-frequency portion of the rigid test. His own doctor has tested him and says he is perfectly fine for duty. But the agency did not accept the second opinion. And one of his main concerns is that he was hired three years ago with the…

Q. I am 38 years old and work as a probation officer for the state of Michigan. A federal probation officer job just opened. Would I be able to apply for the position since it is in the same field, or would my age restrict me from qualifying?

Q. I served 27 years federal service, then had a break in service of two years and one month and was reinstated to the status I had before (GS-7, Step 8. My personnel lady told me the time I served as a Step 8 before would count toward my next step increase. I was a Step 8 for one year, five months and two weeks, so do I only have to wait one year, six months and two weeks for my next step increase, or do I have to wait the full three years?

Q. My position is scheduled for desk audit. We have received a lot of misinformation or no information. If I’m downgraded, how does it affect pay? Second, I was told by a supervisor that our pay would remain the same only for two years and if you have not found another position to match your pay, it will drop to the new GS position’s pay.