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Q. I am a FERS employee working for the Department of Agriculture. I have been offered a job outside of the government and am trying to see the pros and cons of leaving. I am a FERS employee with a service computation date of Aug. 17, 1986, and am 46 years old. If I apply for Voluntary Early Retirement Authority, what would the disadvantages or advantages be?

Q. 1. How are the days of active-duty service calculated? 2. Is that a one-to-one credit added to years of service? 3. Can you buy it back after you retire and adjust the annuity accordingly? 4. Can you buy back portions of it? 5. Can you pay in installments? 6. What percentage of military pay per year would you get in retirement? For CSRS, it is roughly 2 percent based on high-3; would it be calculated on actual salary back then or adjusted for inflation? 7. Any chance for a retroactive payment once established? 8. Will I lose any benefits…

Q. I live in the Boston commuting area. My salary includes locality pay. My SF-52 shows basic pay and locality pay for a total adjusted basic pay. When factoring my high-3 average, is it based on my total adjusted basic pay, which includes the locality pay?

Q. I transferred from the Department of Homeland Security, where my high-3 salary was met as a GS-14 in a covered position, to a Defense Department position where I earn substantially less as a GS-13. Will my high-3 from DHS be used to compute my FERS annuity or the high-3 from DoD? Two different pay systems, USDA and DFAS. Does the Office of Personnel Management access each to determine high-3?

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