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Locality pay


Q. Is your retirement based off of the General Schedule Base or the Base with locality pay? A. Your annuity will be based on your basic rate of pay, which includes locality pay.

Planning for retirement


Q. I will be 62 the end of June this year. I am in FERS, would like to retire this year and am trying to make a sound decision regarding what date would be best. 1) I have 918 sick hours accumulated. Will they convert 100% into service time? 2) When trying to calculate how much I will get for retirement, is it based on basic pay or total pay with locality adjustment? 3) Is there any penalty if I retire at age 62 if I have less than 20 years of FERS service? 4) Is there any offset with…

High-3 and locality pay


Q. I live in the Boston commuting area. My salary includes locality pay. My SF-52 shows basic pay and locality pay for a total adjusted basic pay. When factoring my high-3 average, is it based on my total adjusted basic pay, which includes the locality pay?

Terminal leave payments


Q. The following is from the U.S. Postal Service Employment and Labor Relations Manual: 512.732 Entitlement Amounts Separating employees may receive lump-sum terminal leave payments as follows: Nonbargaining Unit Employees. Nonbargaining unit employees may receive a lump-sum leave payment for accumulated annual leave carried over from the previous year; accrued annual leave for the year in which they separate, including amounts over the carryover maximum; any unused donated leave; and for full-time and part-time regular employees, holidays that fall within the terminal leave period. I retired Oct. 31 with an annual leave balance of 576 hours, for which I received…

Locality pay and NAF-to-GS transition


Q. In August 2006, I was hired as a marketing/outreach/sponsorship director (nonappropriated funds). My responsibilities grew to include a supervisory role of the graphics department (two employees). In August 2012, I had the opportunity to apply — and was selected for — public affairs specialist (1035-9). I am now the deputy public affairs officer. I was told that, with an NAF-to-GS transition, my pay would rise only to the next step. My concern is that the human resources office included locality pay as part of the equation in determining my GS pay. I didn’t receive locality pay at NAF and…

NAREAA buyback


Q. Public Law 111-84 provided for a phased-in conversion from nonforeign area cost-of-living allowances to locality pay over a three-year period beginning in 2010.  Since the three year phase-in period has been extended (no change in COLA in 2013 or increase to locality rate as anticipated), doesn’t that change the rules for the buyback period, too? Shouldn’t we be allowed to buy back up to the time the final/full locality rate is actually achieved? Do you feel this is something worth pursuing?

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