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Special retirement supplement rule on disability annuity


Q. An individual is entitled to an immediate annuity if the disability annuity stops or is terminated because he has recovered from the medical condition and he meets the age and service requirements to retire. If he is covered by FERS, would he also be eligible for the special retirement supplement? A. Yes.

Rehiring disability annuitants


Q: The secretary of Defense authorized agencies to rehire annuitants with full pay and full annuities on March 18, 2004. If I retire under disability (through the Federal Employees Retirement System) and am rehired under this authority, am I still subject to the Office of Personnel Management’s 80 percent rule, whereby I would lose my disability annuity if I earn more than 80 percent of my former salary? A: Disability annuitants cannot be hired under this authority.

Federal disability and Social Security


Q: My husband was federal technician and served in the Air National Guard. The military discharged him because of health reasons. So he lost his federal technician job. He now receives Civil Service Retirement System disability benefits. He applied for Social Security disability. Social Security counts his CSRS disability as a public disability, so his benefit is offset and his payment is reduced to $31.00 a month. Now that he is over age 55, can he change his CSRS retirement to a CSRS annuity or discontinued service retirement? Social Security stated that if he is receiving a CSRS annuity or…