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Q. I have an Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs claim on an injury sustained at work. My physician put me on restrictions for three months. My agency has not contacted me in over a week and I’m using sick leave while I wait on their job offer. If they are not able to offer me a job any time soon, could I submit for regular disability under FERS, and also Social Security. If I am not approved for disability, and a job offer is not given, then can I take a regular retirement with unreduced annuity and also get the special retirement supplement? My agency is going through a transfer of function to another site. I am 59 with 28 years of service.

A. You can apply for disability retirement at any time. However, if you do, you’ll have to also apply for Social Security disability benefits; otherwise, the Office of Personnel Management won’t process your application. You can only retire on an immediate nondisability annuity if you meet the age and service requirements. If you retire under the MRA+10 provision, you wouldn’t be eligible for the special retirement supplement and your annuity would be reduced by 5 percent for every year you were under age 62 (age 60 is you are at least age 60 and have 20 years of service).


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