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Q. I’m a 37 year old federal law enforcement agent Series 1811.  I have a medical condition that has affected my vision and likely cannot be corrected to the standards required by my agency without lengthy, involved treatment. Even though my eyesight has never affected my job, I qualify expert with my weapon and they are sending me to firearms instructor training, even as they say my eyesight is horrible.  If in fact, the doctors tell me that I can’t correct my eyesight enough, will my agency force me into medical retirement?  Can they give me another job?  Do they…

Q. I have 15 years of active duty military service and no reserve service.  I have been selected for a job with the State Department with a GS paygrade.  I plan on buying back my active duty military time. My question is this:  If I decide at a later date to go into the reserves, can I still use my 15 years of active duty toward a reserve retirement or is it no longer usable once I buy it back for my federal civilian retirement?

Q. I plan to retire from a covered 6C law enforcement officer position and collect my pension annuity.  Will I be able to be re-employed at a non-covered, non-LEO position and collect a salary and previous pension together?   If so, what are the specific criteria so as to not “double-dip”?

Q. My husband has early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. His doctors believe he was affected at least three years prior to retirement. Several of his colleagues knew something was wrong. They informed me he was forced to retire. His supervisor forced his retirement. His doctor knows he should have retired based on disability. How can I proceed?

Q. I’m a GS employee with over 5 years of time in under FERS and I’m also a military reservist. I have no prior active-duty service, but I am considering leaving my civilian job to join the active-duty military. If I did that but did not accrue the 20 years required for a military pension, could I buy back these military years after I finished serving and use them towards my deferred FERS annuity even if I never returned to a government civilian job?

Q. I recently turned 62, and my FERS civil service disability was converted to a retirement annuity. Before being disabled I had worked civil service for approximately nine years of continuous service. I also had nine years of service in the military. Can I draw any Social Security retirement since my annuity will be substantially less than what I believe my Social Security would be?

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