Q. I received an “early-out/buyout” in 2005 with 24 years (FERS) of service prior to my minimum retirement age. I was age 46 at the time. I am currently receiving social security disability income. Will I be eligible to receive a FERS annuity once I reach my minimum retirement age (MRA)? Will I still be able to collect social security disability income? Or if when I reach my MRA, can I collect the FERS Special Supplement and the social security disability income?

Q. I was a federal temporary worker for GSA from 1985 to 1994. Our agency is now shutting down on Sept. 30 and I bought back my temp time until 1988. From then on, I cannot buy my time back. Since we are closing, is it possible to buy back my other years? This is through no fault of my own and five more years would surely help as I didn’t pay into the Thrift Savings Plan in my temp time.

Q. I worked from 4/1987 through 8/1998 as an Architect/Engineer SR with the USPS. I resigned with a good record. I have a form 50 that states my service which I submitted when I applied. I recently was hired to a new position. I cannot get a clear understanding about my retirement, my vesting and if I have a probationary period and how long it is. I was not reinstated. I was FERS, and I never took my basic .8 contribution out. I did transfer my Thrift Savings Plan to a private brokerage account. They used the .8 to continue…

Q. I am a discontinued service rehired annuitant. I worked at a U.S. Army post and was phased out during a base closure and realignment in 2011. I received priority placement in 2012 at a nearby Army post and was rehired. I’ve been here almost two years. VERA/VSIP is now being offered with a $25,000 buyout. I have the age and years in. I’m not interested in leaving yet; but as a FERS rehired annuitant, would I be eligible for the VERA/VSIP $25,000 buyout presently being offered?

Q. I am a FERS employee working for the Department of Agriculture. I have been offered a job outside of the government and am trying to see the pros and cons of leaving. I am a FERS employee with a service computation date of Aug. 17, 1986, and am 46 years old. If I apply for Voluntary Early Retirement Authority, what would the disadvantages or advantages be?

Q. Would I be eligible for a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay if offered? I am 57 and will have 33 years of service under CSRS in June. I took an NTE position in 2009 that ended in Sept 2011 and was unemployed from Sept. 30, 2011, to June 2012, when I was reinstated. Because I had the break in service — and since that break have been working less than three years continuously, would that make me ineligible for a buyout? Also, is there a limit on how many times you can be turned down for a VSIP or any…

Q. I noticed you can retire during a reduction in force at below the minimum retirement age with 25 years of service. However, I’ve also read that those people are not entitled to the special retirement supplement since they are below MRA. Can they be paid the supplement once they reach MRA, even though previously retired?

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