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Q. I noticed you can retire during a reduction in force at below the minimum retirement age with 25 years of service. However, I’ve also read that those people are not entitled to the special retirement supplement since they are below MRA. Can they be paid the supplement once they reach MRA, even though previously retired?

Q. I am retired military with 20+ years of active-duty service serving in a full-time competitive service position under FERS. Eleven months of my military time is counted as “creditable military service” since it was served in a qualifying campaign. My service computation date for leave was adjusted by 11 months for the creditable time. Should my SCD for reduction in force also be adjusted based on this time?

Q. I understand that employees already eligible for retirement will get no payout on a reduction in force. Many of us have a mix of (bought back) military and FERS, with only the combination rendering us eligible to retire. Can we take the RIF based on our FERS years, and then combine our FERS and military years into one retirement? I could not find that you’d already addressed this question.

Q. On Aug. 23, I was reduced in force into a position for which qualifications were waived, and it was a change to a lower grade. I have been unable to perform the duties of the new job because I do not have the basic qualifications and experience. Can I be involuntarily separated because I am unable to perform my new duties? I am a 68-year-old FERS employee with 34 years at the Defense Department.

Q. I am a retired civil servant with Defense Department. I served for more than 28 years. I retired in June 2012 under FERS with a Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay. I am considering re-employment with DoD. 1. Will I be given credit for my 28 years of service? 2. Will I be able to contribute to FERS and the Thrift Savings Plan again? 3. Will I receive eight hours of annual leave again? 4. Will I be protected from a reduction in force because I am receiving an annuity? 5. Is it best to cancel my annuity if I return…

Q. The Postal Service is moving my job 83 miles away (out of the Office of Personnel Management’s “commuting area” definition). But USPS management is denying any claim for severance pay if anyone turns down these positions. Shouldn’t anyone at my installation who turns down these 1½-hour commuting jobs be entitled to severance pay? My particulars are: 45 years old with 15½ years of creditable FERS service.

Q. I am a FERS employee. If my command is offering a Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and I retire at the any age and 25 years of service (I am 47 years old and have more than 25 years of service): 1. Will I get my special retirement supplement along with my retirement pay? Or will I not be entitled to the supplement? 2. If my command has a reduction in force instead, will I be able to get my severance pay plus voluntary retirement with my retirement plus the supplement until my MRA?

Q. I was removed from the Postal Service for nonperformance four months ago after a reassignment due to a reduction in force and 24 years of service. I had also applied for disability retirement after being assigned to that job and was just waiting for approval. A package for severance pay was offered to those of us affected by the RIF if termination was necessary. My disability application was recently approved, and I’m so relieved. What about that four months of agony, though? I was really depressed and wondering if that was how my career would end. I really wanted…

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