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Q. I have applied for medical retirement from civil service and am still awaiting for decision from the Office of Personnel Management. If I submitted a letter of resignation before my medical retirement is approved, will this affect my medical retirement approval process? In simpler terms, will this cancel out my medical retirement?

Q. I am 67 years old and still working Civil Service with the Air Force. I was not planning on retiring anytime soon, but I fell at work, completely tore up my shoulder and will have to undergo reverse total shoulder replacement. I have been told this is a “career ender” and that I will be medically retired. I have been paying into FERS for 30+ years. I am drawing an allotment from the VA for Agent Orange diabetes mellitus. How do medical retirement and FERS and VA allotment work together?

Q. I am trying to get information regarding the military service buy back program. I served in the military for four years and got medically retired. I receive compensation from the Veteran’s Affairs, so I thought that it would not be a good idea to buy back. But people say that I should get expert advice on this particular matter.  Could you tell me if the buy back program is beneficial for me?

Q. I am 62 and have 7 years of service under FERS. My disabilities have worsened, and I must retire fairly soon.  I have some other income from a state pension that will help while I apply for SSDI, but I need to know when would be the best time to retire.  I do not believe my retirement will amount to more than enough to cover my life and health insurance with a little to spare according to a recent retirement estimate I received from HR.  So given that, is there a particular day of the month, being paid bi-weekly,…

Q. I’m a 37 year old federal law enforcement agent Series 1811.  I have a medical condition that has affected my vision and likely cannot be corrected to the standards required by my agency without lengthy, involved treatment. Even though my eyesight has never affected my job, I qualify expert with my weapon and they are sending me to firearms instructor training, even as they say my eyesight is horrible.  If in fact, the doctors tell me that I can’t correct my eyesight enough, will my agency force me into medical retirement?  Can they give me another job?  Do they…

Q. I am receiving disability benefits. I am 49 years old and a former Customs and Border Protection officer. I was basically forced to retire when I became injured, and the agency informed me I was not suitable to be an officer, and they offered me a secretarial job. The agency asserted that I could no longer fulfill my job as a CBP officer notating the job description for 6(c) coverage. I am wondering if I should be entitled to 6(c) retirement under disability or regular retirement? Before 6(c) was authorized, I was already performing the same duties just without…

Q. I’ve been in the Mississippi National Guard since 2001 and in the military since 1993, so I’ve got a few years behind me. I was hurt on active duty and didn’t file the paperwork. Now I’m on the verge of being kicked out of the Guard and I will also lose my technician job. I’ve heard that I will be able to medically retire from the tech job if that happens. Is the retirement pay from the tech job taxable?

Q. I have worked for the Defense Department since December 2008 under FERS. I was medically retired with 15 years and seven months of service from October 1984 to June 2000. I’ve bought back all of my service time. What should be changed with my service computation date? How does this affect my leave accrual time?

Q. I was active-duty Air Force for three years and eight months, then medically retired with a service-connected disability of 30 percent. I receive a monthly pension from the Air Force and also the Veterans Affairs Department. Now I am a FERS employee with 25 years of civil service. If I buy back my military time to have it credited toward my civil service time, will I lose by monthly Air Force retirement and VA pay?