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Q. I always thought that when you’re offered a VERA/VSIP bonus, it only applies to people that don’t have the years and age. What if I have both age and years? Will I still be offered the VERA?

Q. If I were to retire under the next VERA/VSIP (I have both the years and age), how long would it be before I received the bonus check, however much it might be?

Q. I am FERS — age 56 with 17 years of service. If my duty location relocates to another state, and I do not wish to relocate, would I receive a retirement package? If so, would it be similar to a VSIP entitlement where you would get $25,000 plus the weekly severance pay for 52 weeks, which shows under my own general pay information in the TWMS site? Also, at that point after the year of severance would I fall into a retirement at that time? Would I still accrue annual and sick leave during the severance payment time?

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