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Leave accrual credit for active-duty service


Q. I have a retired active reserve associate with 10 years of active-duty service. Would he get leave accrual credit for his 10 years of active duty, or, since he retired, does he receive only leave accrual credit for campaigns? A. He can find the answer by going to and scrolling to Service Credit for Leave Accrual and Retirement.

Active-duty time and retirement


Q. Hello, I’m a civil servant with a retirement service computation date of Aug. 28, 1986. This includes approximately 15 years of civil service time under FERS and two active-duty stints for the remainder. I have two DD-214s to account for the military time. My question concerns the noninclusion of other active-duty time I completed while a reservist. I completed approximately four more years of active duty between 1989 and 1997 that was not documented via a DD-214 — active duty for training, for example. I understand that inactive training periods don’t count toward the computation, but does the ADT…

VA application and service computation date


Q. I’m applying for a VA position as a GS civilian (Catholic priest). I’ve been in military service continuously since Feb. 6, 1994, and still serve in the Air Force Reserve. I have a DD-214 that documents 12 years, eight months and four days of active military service. In my VA application, I’m being asked to report my service computation date. For the purposes of my VA application, is my SCD the same as my Total Active Federal Service Date in the military? My TAFSD is 12 years, eight months and four days ago, Jan. 13, 2000 — but that…

Buying back multiple active-duty periods


Q: I have three periods of military service for which I am required to pay a deposit under “Catch 62.” The first period, 1969 to 1972, I paid for when it came due in 1986. This bought me a period of about 2.6 years. I was mobilized for Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm in 1990 to 1991, and for duty in Bosnia in 1997, for eight and seven months, respectively. I plan to work off the additional time by delaying my retirement for 15 months or more. When I discussed this plan with our human resources office, I was told that…

Credit for active duty service


Q: I am sure that you have answered this question before — it seems so basic to me — but I could not find a comparable Q&A on your site. Here goes: I have 11 years, 2 months, 20 days of active Air Force service, no Guard or reserve (retired from Guard but I believe it’s irrelevant; no active time other than for training). I have been tentatively hired by DECA as a GS 4 (awaiting clearance paperwork). I don’t know anything about federal retirement plans, as I am not in one yet. How will the “buyback” of my time…

Reserve retirement


Q: I have just been offered a GS job that I plan to start in a couple of months. However, I have a unique situation. I have the opportunity to retire in September and start receiving my retirement pay immediately because I will have obtained more than 20 years of total combined active-duty time during my 29+ years of active duty and reserve service. So, basically I can begin receiving my retirement immediately beginning in October 2011 even though I have not reached the 60 years of age that is normally required for reservist retirement because of the “sanctuary” provision…

Military buyback and benefit computation


Q: I am 58 years old, and I started work for the government in 1981. I have 30 years of service as a Defense Department civilian employee and four years as an active-duty service member. I am under the Civil Service Retirement System and plan to retire at age 62 with 38 years of total service. I have not bought back any of my active-duty time. What impact will that have on my retirement annuity and what impact will that have if I decide to take another job after I retire? A: Because you were first hired before Oct. 1,…

Active duty buyback


Q: I would like to buyback my years of active duty time to increase my FERS retirement. I am a part-time VA employee. VA has provided me an estimate of my annuity based on my years of VA service, adjusted for the part-time nature of my service. How are my years of active duty calculated in the part-time scenario? Does the VA apply a full-time status for the years of buyback and adjust the percentage of part-time service? Or are the additional years just added as if they were also part time? I have not found any discussions that address the part-time factor. A:…

Military buyback 101


Q: Can an active-duty service member roll his retirement into government service and add those years together with existing military service years? This was possible 20 years ago or so, but I was wondering whether it still is an option. I’m a 27-year veteran about to retire, and I’d rather go straight into government service and forego my retirement check from the military, if that is possible. A: Nothing has changed. You can make a deposit to the civilian retirement system for any years of active-duty service and, if you are eligible for military retired pay, waive that pay when…

Military buyback and reserve service


Q: I retired from the Navy after 20 years of service. I was on active duty for eight years and then on reserve active duty for 12. I am 47 and receiving retirement pay. Since I retired as a reserve (my DD 214 shows component/branch as “U.S. Navy-USNR”), can I buy back my time and put it toward my Federal Employees Retirement System retirement?  A: You may make a deposit for any period(s) of active-duty service. If you do, that time will be used in determining your length or service and in your annuity calculation. Making a deposit for that…

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