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Q. I now have 22 years of federal civil service and I’m 46 years old. Instead of retiring at 30 years’ service and taking early retirement at 25 years service (obviously I’m FERS). I understand I will lose 5 percent per year. Does this mean I lose 5 percent for the first five years of my retirement and then I gain it back when I’m 56 years old for good? A. The reduction is permanent.

FERS pension


Q. The father of my children worked for the Veteran’s Administration for several years and decided to leave his retirement money in the system (FERS) to collect a pension in the future.  He passed away over a year ago and we do not know whether his money is still in the system.  If it’s still there, how can his children claim the money? A. Call OPM’s Retirement Information Office at 888-767-6738 and talk to one of the benefits specialists. Be sure to have his full name, date of birth and any other information that will help them to locate his file. They…

Health insurance


Q: I will be retiring in June 2011 under CSRS with an annuity for my husband to cover health insurance. I have been covered by Blue Cross and Blue Shield Family Plan for my 35 years of service. My husband has always been employed in the private sector. After retiring, if I should die before him, would he be able to change from the family plan to self-only plan? A: Yes.



Q: Are there any plans for FEHB to offer self+1 coverage? This coverage is offered for vision and dental, but not health. A: To do that would require a change in the law. I’m not aware that anyone is considering that.

National Guard employment and fed annuity


Q: I’m over 50 years old and in a Federal Employees Retirement System law enforcement position with more than 22 years of 6(c) covered time. I am considering retirement. I also have more than 30 years in the National Guard and will draw a reserve retirement before age 60. Once I am retired and receiving my federal annuity, can I then accept a GS-grade position with the National Guard without affecting my annuity? A: No.

Transferring to a non-LEO position


Q: I am a federal law enforcement employee with 20 years covered by the Federal Employees Retirement System FERS plus five years worth of military buyback time. I have six more years before I will face mandatory retirement at my 57th birthday. I want to transfer to a non-LEO position with another federal agency so I can keep working. Please confirm that if I do transfer to a non-LEO position with another federal agency that I can keep working past 57 and not face mandatory retirement, and that my 20 years of FERS LEO service will transfer over at the…

Disability retirement after loss of dual status


Q: I am a Federal Employees Retirement System dual-status federal technician in the Army National Guard. I am looking at a possible involuntary separation because of losing my dual status (nonmedical related) later this year. I am 45 years old with 12 years of federal service. Would I qualify for any type of involuntary separation/disability annuity payment? A: You would be eligible for disability retirement if you are separated due to a disability that disqualifies you from membership in a reserve component of the armed forces or from holding the military grade required for such employment; you aren’t appointed to…

Social Security disability offset?


Q: I am 62 years old, and my Federal Employees Retirement System disability retirement benefit has been recalculated to a regular annuity. I am still on Social Security disability. Will Social Security offset the amount that I  will be getting in my annuity? A: No, it won’t.

Military buyback and local-government service


Q: I am 50 years old and have been working for the last five years in a civil service position for a county sheriff. I served eight years and three months in the Coast Guard and have an opportunity to move to a federal job. If I stay in my current position, I will have to wait until I am 65 to retire. Is there a retirement benefit to moving to the federal job? Can I combine the periods that I have worked in the military, civil service and in a federal job for a total of 20 years and…

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