FEHB re-enrollment after retirement


Q. I am a 66-year-old military retiree who has health insurance coverage under Medicare parts A & B and Tricare for Life. In addition, I retired under FERS, but I have never had individual Federal Employees Health Benefits because I have been covered under my wife’s (a FERS civil servant) family FEHB plan for 20 years. She is retiring in a month and plans to continue her FEHB policy for at least five years until she reaches age 65, when she is Medicare eligible.

If my wife switches at retirement from a family to an individual FEHB plan, will I be eligible to apply for my own individual FEHB coverage during the next open season, and will I have that opportunity every year?

A. You would only be able to enroll in a self-only option during an open season, when your wife switches from self and family to self-only. That’s a one-time opportunity for you.


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