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Q. I recently made a lateral move from one federal law enforcement agency to another, after about four years with my former agency. I moved from one FERS-covered position to another. On my leave and earnings statement, my military service credit purchase/payment, which I paid in a lump sum about five years ago, has disappeared, and my cumulative FERS retirement funds reset to zero. I contacted the Office of Personnel Management, which instructed me that my former agency should have forwarded my “account” to OPM for maintenance, and that I would receive a letter stating the account was in maintenance…

Q. I retired from CSRS with 36 years’ service. I have since become a re-employed annuitant and will hit the five-year mark soon. Because of the nature of the position, I did not have to give up my retired pay. When I retire, will I be eligible for a recalculated CSRS pension assuming I elected to make a deposit for the five years as a re-employed annuitant?

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