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Q. My husband works for private industry and is covered under his company’s group health plan, which is Blue Cross/Blue Shield. I am a federal employee and have been covered under the FEHB by GEHA for over 30- years. May I change to the FEHB’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield during open season even if my husband is covered under the same health insurance company? Would that be like a married couple having two separate Blue Cross/Blue Shield policies with separate deductibles, or can both my husband and I be carried under each other’s Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan?

Q. I am currently a USPS letter carrier covered by Samba under FEHB. I plan to retire in November 2016. May I switch to another provider (i.e., Blue Cross Blue Shield) during open enrollment, or do I have to be covered under the same provider for five years to continue coverage after retirement?

Q. If my wife chose to retire now, at her minimum retirement age of 56 with 13 years of FERS service, would she be able to postpone her annuity until age 60?  She currently carries FEHB (self), as long as she has had it the last five years, can I pick her up under my FEHB (self+1 or family) once she retires and then when she becomes 60 she can reinstate her own self-plan at that point?

Q. I retired from the U.S. post office in January. I changed my FEHB provider during the 2013 open season, but according to the retirement booklet that OPM sent me in February and my 4/1/14 first full annuity statement, it still shows me as having my old coverage. Will (or should) they automatically correct this? I called OPM about this mistake and was told that it is my responsibility to correct this error by submitting proof of switching providers? Is this correct?

Q. Does my wife have to sign up for Medicare? If so, when does she have to sign up? And, if my wife does not sign up for Medicare, will she incur any penalty? Scenario: I am a working FERS employee and my wife still works. She is not a government employee. I have self-and-family Federal Employees Health Benefits coverage. I am not yet age 65. My wife will turn 65 this year.

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