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Q. I resigned from the U.S. Postal Service in 2005 with 490 hours of sick leave. I started working for the Department of Homeland Security in 2013. I have tried to contact the Office of Personnel Management to see if I could get my sick leave back. Is the Post Office different whereas my sick leave can’t be restored?

Q. I work for the U.S. Postal service and I’m applying for disability retirement. Re: the high 3 year average. ,y pay rate is $58,350 for 2017. For the last 3 or 4 years I’ve been using LWOP a lot and my yearly income has hovered around $40,000 a year. Do they use my pay rate of $58,350 (it was around $58,000 for 3 consecutive years) or do they use the $40,000 figure to arrive at the 3 year average? In other words, would LWOP effect my disability retirement income? Thanks for any help.

Q. I am retiring Aug. 31 this year as a FERS employee from the National Institutes of Health, an agency with the Department of Health and Human Services. I carried more than 240 hours and I get eight hours each pay period. I currently have 312.5 hours. I have two pay periods left before I retire, which would give me 16 additional hours. And then based on what my final pay check will include, with an annual leave payout on Sept. 9, I calculate that those three pay periods will add 24 hours, which brings my leave to a total of 336.5 hours.…

There will be a lull in posts until after June 7, 2016. Please continue to send me your questions, and I will try to answer them upon my return. Thanks for reading, Reg

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