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Q. I’ve just been offered a job in a federal agency. Because I’m an Army retiree, I’ve been told that I won’t get any credit for that time in determining my annual leave accrual rate. It doesn’t seem right that I won’t get any credit while others who served less time and didn’t retire do get credit for their time. Why is that? A. When it enacted the Dual Compensation Act in 1964, Congress adopted a compromise between the view that retired members should receive preference and full credit for their service and the view that there should be no…

Q. I would like to know if the service computation date changes immediately once I begin buying back my time or once I payoff the time? The other question I have is about leave accrual. I know some folks that have begun paying back their deposit and they have had their SCD adjusted plus they also start accumulating leave at the SCD adjustment rate.

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