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Q. I’m a CSRS retiree and with Kaiser Permanente. I signed up with Medicare and received my card from Social Security saying I’m covered under parts A and B. I just sent in my first check for $345 for September, October and November. Do I still pay Kaiser the $120 a month for health care, or will that monthly withdrawal stop automatically from my retirement check? If not, who do I call to stop this payment?

Q. Reg Jones says there would be a penalty if signing up for Medicare part B was delayed until later years. The first comment after the response says that there would not be any penalty since the FEHB is “creditable coverage.” The confusion is related to the wording of the rule which states that the creditable coverage needs to be under a working spouse or new employer. It seems that a retirees FEHB (although creditable coverage) does not meet this. Anyway I hear people advocate both positions and wish I knew where I could get a definitive answer for sure…

Q. I am 66 and retired under the old CSRS retirement. I enrolled in Medicare A & B at 65. My wife is covered by only by my CSRS health insurance, which I have kept. For the average person in average health, do you think it is cost effective to enroll in Medicare Part B if I have also kept my government retirement health? If I understand correctly from previous posts, if I keep Medicare A I don’t have to pay anything, just for Medicare B?

Q. I signed up for Medicare in 2015, and now I’m signed up for Social Security. I’ve been asked about signing up for Part B; when I had checked about it last year I was told that I didn’t have to sign up — it was up to me. Should I get Part B? If I should but end up not signing up, I imagine it’s going to cost me a lot of money.

Q. If one decides to defer Medicare Part B at age 65 and continue with health care coverage under FEHBP, is there a penalty? I have read that it is 10 percent a year for each year after 65 — is this true? Is there a ceiling on the penalty amount?

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