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Military buyback


Q. I am a newer federal employee with nine years active duty in the Marine Corps. I intend on buying back my military time toward retirement. If I choose to leave to federal service before retiring, can I request a refund of the money paid back for my military service?  Also, I understand that I have up to two years to pay this amount off interest free. If I were to wait, say, six or seven years and pay a lump sum of the amount instead of installments, would I be charged any sort of interest?

Social Security payment


Q. I am a 23-year retired military veteran (1968-1991), 30 percent disabled, and I have been receiving military retainer pay since 1991. I then began working for the Veterans Administration as an engineer GS-09 in June 1998, and I am still employed (FERS). But I can retire soon with 16 years civil service gaining a monthly retirement pension from VA and too what I have deposited into TSP. When I retire at 66, which would be next year, what will my Social Security benefit be? I have been told it will be reduced because I have two ‘pensions’ (one from…

FERS and Social Security


Q. I am 66 years old, which is my full retirement age. I worked from 1966 to 1970 for the federal government. I was in CSRS. My credit was three years and 11 months. I stopped working in 1970 to raise a family. I withdrew the money I had paid into CSRS. Between 1970 and 2001, I held a few non-government, small, part-time or intermittent jobs in which I paid into FICA. I returned to work for the Army in December 2001. I was automatically put into FERS, so began paying into FICA and FERS. I have paid back with…

FERS and Social Security disability


Q. My husband was retired from active military at 100 percent disability for a line of duty illness. He also has a FERS pension that is currently at 60 percent the first year and 40 percent for all the rest. They required him to file for Social Security disability, which he was denied. We have received notice from FERS asking him to re-apply for Social Security disability. I’m sure this will affect his FERS pension, however I have been unable to get an answer as to how.

Disability annuity after 62


Q. I retired as of 1/31/14 from USPS. I turned 62, and they told me that I would be unable to collect disability retirement because of my age. After having surgery on both hands, I was designated 30 percent impaired in both hands, job related. The Department of Labor is paying me a schedule award. I have signed up for Social Security. Is this true that I cannot collect disability?

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