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Military leave without pay and retirement


Q. I was hired as federal civilian Feb. 21, 2006. I was called to active duty August 2006-2007. I went back to my civilian job from August 2007 until the end of March 2008 and was then called back to active duty through March 2011. I returned to civilian service and have been there since the end of June 2011. I want to retire under the optional five-year retirement. I was on military leave without pay during all my active duty and paid into FERS when I returned to federal service. Is my time on military LWOP creditable toward the…

Job overseas and high-3 calculation


Q. I am an FERS GS with four years until I get my 20 under 6(c) law enforcement officer and a year and half after that until mandatory retirement. I have been offered a 6(c) job overseas — how is the high-3 calculated? Is it on the base level GS schedule (plus LEAP) I actually earn, or is it based on a modified amount of what I would have earned in DC — which is how the overseas postings on Foreign Service retirement seems to work? I am pretty sure all the COLA, post allowances and danger pays don’t calculate…

Returning from leave without pay


Q. Are there governmentwide rules/regulations that provide clarity regarding the return rights civilian (nonmilitary) federal employees have when returning to their agencies after extended, approved leave without pay, or are agencies responsible for developing and administering their own policies in this area?

Step increases during disability


Q. I am a veteran of the armed forces and a civilian federal firefighter of Hawaii and have about 13 years government time under FERS. While on duty in 2010, we were in route in the fire engine and an oncoming vehicle lost control and collided with the fire engine, causing substantial injuries to myself and the crew. The majority of the kinetic energy was absorbed by me because the point of impact was where I was seated. I sustained injuries to my lumbar area in my lower back and injuries to my left limb, for which I’ve undergone a…

Leave without pay and annuity


Q. I understand that for leave without pay of less than six month, we receive credit for that time. I am 52 with 32 years of service, all under FERS. My MRA is 56 (2016). In my last year or sooner, I believe my supervisor will allow me the last year before retirement to work 24 and 16 hours LWOP. Is there any impact? I’m under retired spouses FEHB.

Leave without pay for more than six months


Q. I’m a FERS employee whose federal service has been broken up by multiple periods of leave without pay due to permanent changes of station accompanying my active-duty spouse. I looked over your website and found lots of questions/answers regarding high-3 and LWOP of less than six months but not much on what happens when it is more than six months. Based on the answers I found, is LWOP greater than six months considered a break in service and thus possibly damaging to your high-3? For example, I worked 18 months at a base salary of $57,146 and $58,141, followed…

Annual leave versus leave without pay


Q. Can a supervisor force an employee to take leave without pay over taking annual leave? The employee’s day care provider called in sick, and the employee had to stay home with a healthy 4-year-old child. The employee has exhausted sick leave but has an annual leave balance, as well as some comp and credit time. The supervisor denied the request for annual leave and instead put the employee on LWOP for the day. The employee called in and left a voice mail for the supervisor promptly on the day the child care provider was not available. Can the supervisor…

Leave without pay and creditable service


Q. As of January, I had 36 years of creditable federal service for retirement. This is based on a federal retirement benefits estimate I received from a company contracted by my agency to provide this service. I was on leave without pay while in a master’s degree program from June 23, 1984, to June 7, 1986. The company providing the benefits estimate counted all of this time as creditable for retirement. Is this correct, or would I only be allowed credit for a maximum of six months during each of the three calendar years covered by the leave without pay?…

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