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Q. I am being separated by a RIF at four years and 11 months of creditable civil service. I am 61 years old. Can I use accrued annual leave to reach five years of “service” and thereby qualify for an annuity when I reach 62?

Q. I know that when you receive your check for unused annual leave (assuming you retire in December), it will generally include any scheduled raise slated for the next year. My understanding is that it is caused by the annual leave check covering the rate of pay for the period of time cashed in. So if the amount of annual leave exceeds the amount of leave you are permitted to carry over without losing that leave, for example in the year before your retirement, you take no annual leave and therefore have accumulated 448 hours of leave as of the date of…

Q. I am new to federal civilian service as of July 2014. Prior active-duty military service increased my annual leave accrual to 6 hours per pay period. My first day of work was in the middle of the 2-week pay period. My first Leave and Earnings Statement properly reflected 40 hours of pay. In working 40 hours (i.e., half of the regular 80-hour pay period) I expected to accrue 3 hours for annual leave and 2 hours for sick leave (i.e., one-half of the hours for each leave category). Instead, I did not accrue leave of any kind for my…

Q. As a prior federal employee from 1975 to 1998, am I entitled to receive annual leave benefits of the higher rate if I take a position with another federal employer? In other words, if I left with eight hours per pay period, would I receive eight hours per pay period for the new position? A. Yes.

Q. As a FERS letter carrier, if I retire and have 600 hours of unused annual leave, will I get a check for the 600 hours or is 440 the most I can get payed at retirement? A. Because you are a postal service letter carrier, your lump-sum payment for unused annual leave is limited to 440 hours.

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