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Q. I have read conflicting views on whether the Voluntary Separation Incentives Payments (VSIPs) and annual leave payments are subject to the earnings test. Other sites report under Office of Personnel Management rules monies you earn in the year in which you retire are not subject. Does this mean if I retire in March and lump sum payment for annual leave and a VSIP is paid that year, it does not count against my supplement?

Q. I just got my earning statement for my annual-leave payout. In the remarks section, I have a line that says OVR EARN LIMIT: $5,697.00. I was a GS-15/5 with LEAP and had an annual-leave balance of 432 hours on retirement (April 30). I typically received over-earning notifications on my pay statement, so am familiar with the why. But I was under the impression that the earning limits did not apply to annual leave that was paid out on retirement. Is that true, or are annual-leave payouts on retirement subject to the same over-earning restrictions as regular pay?

Q. I am a FERS employee wanting to retire on Dec. 31, 2017, with 35 years of service and 425 hours of annual leave with which to take as a lump-sum payout. Since the pay period ends in and the actual pay date is in January 2018, will my payout be counted as income for 2017 or 2018?

Q. My wife went from active duty to reservist as a military tech. She bought back all military time while serving as a tech. She was beyond the 20-year mark when she was returned to active duty, where she retired. Now she has been reinstated as civil service. Will she get the benefit of eight hours a pay period for leave purposes? She has 6-plus years under Social Security. If she does not get credit for the previous years of service, can she request a refund from the military buy-back program without affecting previous contributions to her retirement fund?

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