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Q. I am a law enforcement officer, born 1967. My 6(c) service computation date is Nov. 1, 1989, and I plan to continue to work as a 6(c) until Dec. 31, 2014 (but not retire, simply change jobs/agency). I would like to continue working as a FERS regular employee until Dec. 31, 2020, when my youngest is out of college. If I change from 6(c) to regular FERS either now or at the end of 2014, do I mess up my ability to retire with the 6(c) computation of my 20 “good years,” or lose the ability to retire before…

Q. I am an employee under FERS. How will my approximately 700 hours of unused sick leave count toward my total service when I retire in 2014? My service computation date is March 3, 1994, and I will be 62 years old when I plan to retire in March. If I retire Jan. 10, will my 700 hours of unused sick hours count toward my desired target of 20+ years of service, or must I wait until March 3 to hit the 20-year threshold?

Q. My retirement computation date and annuity computation date is Jan. 20, 1981 (showing 33 years at the end of January 2014 because I paid back four years of military). Does that mean I would not receive the special retirement supplement because I’m not 30 years, as military didn’t count toward the supplement even though I had paid the money back (as seen in above comp dates)?

Q. I am a Customs and Border Protection officer. I was hired in August 2003. I am under the CBP officers enhanced retirement, which took effect in July 2008. According to my leave and earnings statement, it says my “Retirement 6C date” is Aug. 24, 2003, which is the date I was hired. Does this mean that my enhanced retirement benefits will be calculated from that date? I thought it would start from the July 2008 date. Can you clarify?

Q. My military buyback will be completed Aug. 2, at which time need to wait for my letter from Defense Finance and Accounting Services to provide to my B/E section to do recalculation of my service computation date for retirement. As a FERS employee per my calculation, my new retirement date would be August 2013 for 30 years of service at age 56. But I have decided to wait until the end December to retire. Should I be retiring on Dec. 31, or should it be the end of that pay period to begin getting my annuity for the following…

Q. I am a former civil servant with six years’ civil service who bought back military service. My service computation date for leave is September 1993. Is there a different SCD for retirement? Also: If I return to civil service, can I buy back military service completed since my previous civil service and military buyback? If so, would this also adjust my SCD further? (I am an Air Force reservist who has had several activated tours, including a recent six-month deployment.)

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