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Q. I think I joined the federal workforce way too early. According to my service computation date, I will have reached 30 years on Aug. 8, 2018 — mere days after I turn 49 — and I’m guessing my earliest possible retirement date will be Dec. 31, 2018. Of course, this is all information I have gleaned from my research. My somewhat pessimistic guess is something will change that retirement date between now and then and kick it down the road beyond Dec. 31, 2018. What do you think?

Q. I always thought that when you’re offered a VERA/VSIP bonus, it only applies to people that don’t have the years and age. What if I have both age and years? Will I still be offered the VERA?

Q. If I were to retire under the next VERA/VSIP (I have both the years and age), how long would it be before I received the bonus check, however much it might be?

Q. I am 56 1/2 years old with 27 years of federal service. How does this Voluntary Early Retirement Authority (VERA) actually work? I will not have 30 years of service until November 2018. If I were offered a VERA, does this mean that they will give me the additional three years and that would be how they would calculate my retirement amount? A. No, it doesn’t. If you are eligible for a VERA, your annuity would be based on your actual length of creditable service when you retire. Because you are a FERS employee, the following formula would be…