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Q. I have approximately 24 years of FERS service (USDA, Forest Service) and have approximately six years (10 seasons) of temp/seasonal time, all of which occurred before 1989. I have paid a deposit for all of my time as a federal temp/seasonal employee. Will the special retirement supplement be calculated only on my 24 years of FERS service? Or, because I made the deposit for all of my seasonal time, will it be based on all 30 years of my federal service? I am hoping to retire at the end of the year. I will have over 30 years and…

Q. I am a Postal Service letter carrier in Lake Worth, Fla. I started in 1990, but was not made a career employee until Aug. 6, 1994. From Sept. 25, 1990, until Aug. 6, 1994, I worked both as an NTE (casual) and a temporary employee. Can I buy back these four years so that I would have 23 years of service with the USPS, and therefore needing seven years before I can retire with a full retirement. As of now, I have 19 years in.

Q. Initially, I was a temporary federal employee (1/3/88-6/17/90; two years, five months) who then became permanent. I bought back time toward retirement from 1/3/88 to 12/31/88. My understanding was, due to laws changing my temporary employment status, the period from 1/1/89 to 6/17/90 could not be bought back for creditable service. Is that still the case? My year and five months after 1/1/89 was lost toward retirement service years.

Q. As a term employee, I was hired on a straight four-term period. Subsequently, management determined an error in the hiring process and, 60 days later, the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center made a correction to my SF-50. The changes were conducted without notification to me either by management or CPAC. Is there a requirement to notify employees of any changes to their employment status or changes to their SF-50?

Q. I am a federal employee who was a temporary firefighter for two years, then because of the hiring freeze, I was let go. I have been rehired under FERS-RAE. I was told that I can buy back my previous two years. Can I? If I buy the time back, can I be placed back into the FERS retirement system or do I have to stay in the FERS-RAE?

Q. I have three years and four months time in civil service and under FERS. I will be 62 when I hit five years under FERS and eligible for pension. If I take a three-year term position at this time, will this count to make my five-year vesting, and will I be able to retire under the FERS plan the same as if I worked three more years in my current position? I have bought back my military time, which is an additional four years.