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Q. I served eight years and five months in the Army. I left on a service-connected disability with $22,000 in severance pay, which, over the years, has been paid back. I have been working as a temporary GS-13, Step 1, for seven months and I just received an offer for a permanent GS-12, Step 7. I wanted to get an idea as to what the cost might be for me to buy back my military service. They gave full credit for service when I started as a GS-13 (service computation date Sept. 22, 2004).

Q. I was initially hired on a two-year term employment as a GS-12. When that term was up, I was hired into another position as a GS-13, again as a two-year term. My understanding is that terms can only be extended up to four years total. Do these four years include the two years I served as a GS-12, or does the term start over when I was hired into the new GS-13 term position? In other words, could I serve for four years in the GS-13 term position, even though I have already served two years as a GS-12…

Q. I am 57 with 19 years of service under FERS. I also have two years of temp time with the government. Will the temp time count in the calculation of my special retirement supplement that starts at age 60 if I do Voluntary Early Retirement Authority and Voluntary Separation Incentive Pay next year at age 58 with 20 years?

Q. I am a temp employee and recently applied for an internal position. After being interviewed and referral phone calls made, I have now been told that I am ineligible to apply because it is an internal position. I need to apply for external positions only. I thought that even a temp federal employee should be considered internal. What is the truth?

Q. I am a full-time employee of the Department of Veterans Affairs. Prior to becoming full time, I was a term employee for two years. After my term position was terminated, I was paid my final pay along with unused leave. I was hired approximately four months later in a full-time position but in a different area. Does my time as a term employee count toward my retirement, or is this time lost?