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Q. I served in the military from June 1974 to April 1981. I was then hired by civil service in April 1983 as a temporary employee. I was picked up as permanent in July 1984, and my service computation date is June 1976. For whatever reason, when FERS was implemented, I was left in the original CSRS retirement plan and have been paying into CSRS for 29 years and 11 months. I applied for retirement computation last month and was notified by the human resource office that I will have to switch to FERS or CSRS offset to retire. Since…

Q. I was allowed to go back into CSRS after an 18-year break in service even though I cashed out of it in 1991, with eight years of service. I can pay the redeposit back and have 12 years of service, if that is the wise thing, but I am waiting to see if I get a permanent job when this temporary job expires in 2014. Since I am only 54, I am beginning to wonder if I should have gone back into CSRS, because if I can’t find another federal job, and it is looking difficult with the budget…

Q. I have been employed with DHS/OPR in a temporary promotion (GS-14) for seven years. During my fifth year of the TPro, I was transferred into another unit and location within OPR. I am into my seventh year as a TPro. Does any law convert the position into a permanent grade due to the longevity in the position?

Q. I am fully eligible and plan to retire within the next 12 to 24 months. I have heard Voluntary Separation Incentive Payments are under consideration for my agency. I am also a Type 2 Wildland Fire team member and will continue to work fires after I retire. Will the money I earn as “active duty” retired federal employee during the summers have an impact on the VSIP buyout requiring repayment?

Q. I worked as a temp from 1989 to 1994, when I was finally hired permanent, paying into FERS. What measure was passed disallowing me to deposit (make up) my FERS payment after Jan. 1, 1989? I’m losing five years toward my FERS retirement date while others before 1989 are allowed to buy back. It doesn’t seem fair that some can buy back their temp time and other can’t. I suspect during the hiring freeze in those days, there would be too many buying back those years, correct?

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