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Sick leave and retirement


There’s a lot of confusion about what happens to your unused sick leave when you retire. In short, the more sick leave you have, the bigger your annuity will be. But before I get into how much bigger and how that’s done, I want to share a little history with you. Once upon a time, Civil Service Retirement System employees didn’t get any credit for their unused sick leave when they retired. When the Congress discovered that employees nearing retirement were burning off that leave at bonfire levels, the law was changed so that they could. However, when Federal Employees…

Disability retirement


Q. I am a retired FERS employee — 59 years old, with 25 years of federal service. I retired two years ago under VERA VSIP. My employer (Defense Department) was reducing the workforce due to budget cuts and abolished my job. I paid into Social Security for 42 years. I have some health issues and am considering applying for Social Security disability. My question is: Will Social Security disability retirement affect my FERS annuity?

Military buyback/FERS annuity


Q. I will be 59 in July 2014. My SCD is 9/1/78. I have 13 years active duty military time that I bought back and 23 years Federal Civil Service time for a total of 36.9 years. If I retire at 59.5 in January 2015, would I be eligible for the FERS supplement based on Active duty and Federal Civil Service time, or should I wait until age 60 and I will have 23.6 years FERS time? I am completely confused about what to do and I am being told different things by my Personnel Office.

FERS supplement forecast


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FERS disability


Q. I have 31 years in FERS, including seven years military buyback. I have an MRA of 58. I am 80 percent service connected VA. I am having issues doing my job due to service-connected and other disabilities acquired during my employment. Can I collect 100 percent unemployment and still retire FERS or do I have to file FERS disability?

FERS vesting


Q. I had three years of federal service from May 2010 to June 2013, and left federal service. I also had four years of military service time, which I bought back. I have recently been hi ed for a part-time position with the federal government. If I work two years of part-time service, will I meet the five-year vesting requirement for FERS retirement? Also, will the two years of part-time federal service only count as one year toward the annuity calculation?

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