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Q. I am active-duty Air Force and want to transition to the foreign service. I have 15 years in, and I am currently eligible for an early retirement from the federal government that would average about $2,300 per month. Can you tell me how the buyback system works if I were to defer my retirement and roll those years into a federal retirement package? Additionally, how would taking an active-duty retirement affect my entry level if accepted into the State Department?

Q. I have been a Postal worker since 1988. I bought back my military service. My Postal RTR detail report calculates my retirement computation date as September 13, 1982, as well as my annuity computation date. My RIF comp date is the same. My Navy service began on June 9, 1981. Is there a reason why there is a year-and-3-month discrepancy? Are there conflicting calculations that I’m not aware of? 

Q. I have 9 years and 10 months of active-duty military time, and 10 years of federal government time. I left the federal government 15 years ago. I was buying back my military time, but I didn’t finish paying it off before I left the federal government. Can I get the money back that I paid into buying my time since I didn’t finish, or shall I look into trying to finish paying it off? I took my annuity and rolled it over. Am I ineligible for any FERS benefits when I retire from this nonfederal job?

Q. I am a FERS employee with 31 years of federal service, and 35 years of military. However, early in my career, or should I say when I was hired, I payed for or bought back three years of active duty. Now I am ready to retire from my federal agency, and later from the reserves when I become 60 years of age. So, I know I can retire from my federal agency with the 31 years, but what about the military? Can I still retire and have the military exclude the years I purchase if I don’t get a…

Q. I am working as a civil servant after retiring from the military. If I buy back my military time (21 years), will I be eligible for the FERS Social Security supplement at my minimum retirement age of 56? I would have a total combined service of 35 years? A. Yes. However, your special retirement supplement would be based solely on your years of FERS employment. Active-duty service for which you’ve made a deposit, wouldn’t be included in that calculation.

Q. I am 65 and still working but at this time, I have not or did not buy back my military time, is there an age limit where I do not have to buy it back, or yes, if I want the extra money, I will have to buy it back? A. There isn’t an age limit on when you may make a deposit to get credit for your active-duty service. The only requirement is that you make that deposit before you retire. Note: If you are a CSRS employee who doesn’t make a deposit, you’ll still get credit for…

Q. I was hired in January 1991 at U.S. Army TACOM in Warren, Michigan, as a Desert Storm Temporary. I worked for full two years. I also was on active duty in the Marine Corps from 1982 to 1989. I was hired full time at TACOM in 2007. I was able to buy 7 years from my active-duty service for retirement purposes. Is there any way that I can purchase my Desert Storm Temp time as a GS09?

Q. I am retired Army with 22 years and nine months being paid my monthly retirement check. I retired in May 2011. I started as a GS FERS employee in February 2013. I am in a target GS 12 position, which basically means that I will be a GS 12 in February 2017. I did the DFAS Payback estimator for military time and it stated that I would owe about $18,000. My monthly retirement check right now is about $2,200 a month. I know that I will have to waive that once I retire from civilian service in order to…

Q. I am a federal employee with 21 years military service. I receive military retirement pay and a separate disability from VA. I am considering retiring in five years. If I buy my military time back now, can I keep receiving my military retirement until I retire from the federal government? Do I still receive my VA pay after federal retirement? A. The answer to both questions is yes.

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