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Q. I have already served all my military time active duty and reserves which will equal 20 years. I work for the VA (FERS) and bought back my active duty time (16 years) before I knew I was eligible for a military retirement too. The whole object is to have two retirements, one military/one VA. The VA says no, that once military time is paid for, it belongs to them and can only be used for a VA retirement.

Q. I served 14 years of active duty and six years with the National Guard. Is it beneficial for me to buy back my 14 years of active-duty time toward my civil service retirement? If I do so, do I lose the six years spent in the National Guard? I have received my 20-year letter?

If you have spent time in the military, you may be entitled to credit for that time in the computation of your Civil Service Retirement System or Federal Employee Retirement System annuity. To be eligible, you must have done one of the following: Served on active duty in the armed forces, which are defined as the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard and, after June 30, 1960, in the Commissioned Corps of the Public Health Service or, after June 30, 1961, in the Commissioned Corps of the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration; Served as a cadet in…

Q. I am a FERS employee and had nine years of active-duty military time and 11 years of reserve before becoming a federal employee. I bought this active-duty time back. Now I have 16 years as a federal employee and the nine years of military time. My understanding is that under FERS, the military time is creditable service up front (I have 25 years of creditable service for retirement purposes). Is this correct? At 60 years old, I’m receiving military retirement. Do I need to waive my military retirement in order to receive FERS retirement or have two separate retirements?

Q. I completed active duty in the Air Force for a four-year enlistment, got out and immediately and jumped into the Air National Guard and was hired as a full-time federal employee. I accumulated 15+ years of federal employment and six years total active duty and was RIF’d one and a half years ago. Do I have a time limit after separating from the GS system to buy back my active-duty days so I can retire with 20+ years of civil service? I understand I need to be on the GS system to buy back any active duty years. I was…

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