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Q. Can I reduce or eliminate the windfall elimination provision reduction by continuing to work? I am now 62, and about to receive a modest deferred CSRS Offset pension. I also have 24 years of substantial earnings in Social Security. If I continue to accumulate substantial earnings, can I get up to 30 years, at which point the WEP penalty disappears? That is, if I don’t apply for Social Security until I’m 70, will they calculate the WEP based on my earnings record as of age 62? Or will they wait until I apply for Social Security?

Q. I am 59 years old. I receive a CSRS disability annuity from service with the Postal Service. When I turn 62, I will also qualify for a Social Security annuity. Will I still receive my CSRS disability annuity at that point? Will I have the option of postponing taking my Social Security?

Q. In 1999, I voluntarily switched from CSRS to FERS after 22 years of CSRS service. Since 1999, I have been covered under FERS and paying Social Security. I plan to retire this year at age 67 after 36 years of service. I’ll have accumulated 54 calendar quarters of substantial and maximum earnings. At the time I elected to transfer from CSRS to FERS coverage, I was told that I’ll be exempt from windfall elimination provision deduction from Social Security benefits and that my spousal Social Security benefits will not be affected by the government pension offset. Is this correct?

Q. I am a CSRS Offset employee, having 33 years with the federal government (five years and seven months as CSRS, 28 years as CSRS Offset). Prior to that, I worked and paid into Social Security. Now including CSRS Offset, I have more than 30 years of paying into Social Security. If my CSRS annuity is $1,000 monthly and Social Security pays me $1,000 monthly at age 62, can I expect to receive $2,000 monthly with no reductions from the windfall elimination provision and government pension offset?

Q. I am about to retire under CSRS. If I work in the private sector and earn 40+ credits, will I be able to receive Social Security benefit payments along with my CSRS retirement annuity without any offset? If the answer is no and I go to work in the private sector, or for myself, do I/they have to withhold Social Security taxes from my salary since I will not be able to draw Social Security benefits (why would you have to pay into something you cannot receive benefits from later)?

Q. I am a CSRS Offset, have 15 years under Offset and 18 under straight CSRS. You gave a formula in one of your answers to take the CSRS years times the Social Security estimate divided by 40 to get the amount that would reduce your CSRS payment. My estimate of $1,000 in Social Security is the amount for my entire years contributing into Social Security (both CSRS Offset years and years before working with the federal government). How do I figure out what amount of the $1,000 belongs to the Offset years?

Q. I am age 65 with 35 total years of Veterans Affairs Department service despite a seven-year interruption in the private sector. I am in CSRS Offset. I have been told by human resources department that my Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance contributions count toward the 30 years of substantial earnings and that the windfall elimination provision will not apply (as I have 30+ years of substantial earnings). This would mean I would receive my full Social Security and Veterans Affairs Department pension. Is this correct? Are there other elements of my retirement and pension benefits under CSRS Offset…

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