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Q. I’m a CSRS retiree and with Kaiser Permanente. I signed up with Medicare and received my card from Social Security saying I’m covered under parts A and B. I just sent in my first check for $345 for September, October and November. Do I still pay Kaiser the $120 a month for health care, or will that monthly withdrawal stop automatically from my retirement check? If not, who do I call to stop this payment?

As a result of all the early retirement offers and buyouts, a lot of employees leave government for what they hope will be greener pastures. Whatever their motivation, quite a few of them think about returning to work for the federal government. If you are one of them, a potential impediment to your coming back to work is this. If you received a buyout and return to work before the end of five years, with rare exception, the law requires that you repay the entire amount no later than the date on which you report for duty. If you didn’t…

Q. I retired under CSRS at the age of 62, with 40 years of service (military included) and I paid back my military Social Security. I am currently 65 with 38 minimum quarters of Social Security. Would it benefit me to work two additional quarters to draw Social Security, or would the WEP eliminate any Social Security to which I would be entitled?

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