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Q. I am currently overseas on an extended family vacation. I’ll be turning 62 years old at the end of this month. I left the federal service as a law enforcement officer in 2012 with 6 ½ years of creditable service. I did not receive a refund of my retirement contributions when I quit from my federal job. Can you give me an approximate annuity based on my service? What do I have to do to apply for it?

Q. My husband worked 16 years for the federal government and then left. He also had four years of active-duty service for which he wants to make a deposit. He plans on getting his retirement at 62. He says he can get all his benefits back, including medical, life insurance and a retirement annuity. Is that right?

Q. I was told to separate and postpone my retirement to avoid the penalty. I am 58 years old, and will have 16 years at the Defense Department. How does the annuity work? Is it an annual payment or monthly? What is the difference between postpone and defer? Do I submit my intentions to the HRC CPAC when I submit for separation?