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Q. I am 55 years old (born Dec. 29, 2960). I worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for 26 years, and now I have obtained a degree trying very much to get a different job within the government. If I leave the government and get another job until I am 60, can I get the Social Security supplement until I reach 62? Would I be able to collect two pensions if I do this?

Q. I am hoping to leave service at 59 years old with 25 years of service. I was planning to postpone my annuity start date until I was 60. My understanding is if I postpone and do not defer my annuity, I could resume as if I just left service. I would be entitled to health insurance and my supplement until age 62; if I deferred I would be ineligible for either. I believe the words “postpone” and “defer” are not the same, though are similar in meaning. Do I need to meet my minimum retirement age to qualify for a postponed retirement?

Q. I am trying to find out if I am eligible for a deferred retirement. Here are the specifics: 1. I am 61. 2. I have a total of four years of government service (with one break in service) as of December 2015. 3. I have bought back my military time (6.5 years). Can I do a MRA+10 deferred retirement under FERS now?

Q. I am currently 60 years old. I want to start drawing my federal retirement at age 62. If I leave federal service before age 62 — because I am offered a job in the private sector or as a contractor with the federal government — what is the proper federal retirement paperwork to file to ensure I start getting my FERS retirement annuity at age 62?

Q. I am active-duty Air Force and want to transition to the foreign service. I have 15 years in, and I am currently eligible for an early retirement from the federal government that would average about $2,300 per month. Can you tell me how the buyback system works if I were to defer my retirement and roll those years into a federal retirement package? Additionally, how would taking an active-duty retirement affect my entry level if accepted into the State Department?

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