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Q. I am 52 years old with 28 years of service and am starting FERS disability retirement. The letter from OPM says that if I am found medically recovered I will be converted to a discontinued service retirement. I am eligible because a discontinued service retirement is age 50 with 20 years or 25 years at any age to qualify. If found medically recovered and converted to a discontinued service retirement with age 53/28 years of service would I also get the FERS special supplement?

Q. I worked as a law enforcement officer for more than 13 years before I was medically disqualified for my position and was awarded disability retirement. I am three months from turning 62. Will my regular retirement computation include the 13 years as an LEO at 1.7 percent since I paid an additional 0.5 percent into the FERS retirement system? Does the amount for credible service include the time receiving disability retirement? I have read the years on disability are computed at 1.1 percent if retirement begins on or after age 62 with 25 years of credible service. Is this…

Q. I was a federal retired disabled annuitant from Aug. 14, 2013 until May 31, 2015, when I was hired by the State Department after receiving a kidney transplant six months ago. The human resources department says the 20 months of disability retirement constitutes as a break in service; they have recalculated my previous Service Computation Date of July 17, 2000 to May 4, 2002. I was told by OPM that my disability does not count as a break in service. Is this accurate? If not can you direct me to the Fed Regs to dispute this? 

Q. I have been retired since Dec. 26, 2014. Since retiring I filed for disability and have just received it. I’d like to know what the breakdown is in pay I’ll be receiving. Social Security disability has already given me an amount and I’m 58 years old. I’m in FERS and have been receiving a check every month for my retirement. The amount I was given from Social Security disability is more, but does this include my supplements? Also, will I have to pay my life insurance and health insurance, or is it included in the amount quoted every month by disability?

Q. I am receiving a CSRS pension since 2005 obtained under a VERA/VSIP authority. I have recently become disabled and I am considering SSDI. I have enough quarters but not 30 years. Will this affect my CSRS pension? I am 58 years old. A. I you were approved for SSDI, it would have no affect on your CSRS annuity.

Q. I am a GS-1811 with just over 16 years of federal service. I was grandfathered into federal service at 42 and will have to retire at 62 (I am 59). Additionally, I have bought back 12 years of Army active-duty time. My Agency has proposed my removal for performance reasons, which I can directly attribute to my worsening Adult ADD. They are leaning toward an involuntary disability retirement vice removal. If I am disability retired, will my 12 years of bought-back Army time be included in the annuity calculation? Will it also be included in the subsequent calculation when…

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