Q. I want to retire at age 60. How can I figure out what my Social Security will be from my estimated amount at age 62? I would think it would be better for the the Social Security Administration to give an estimate by going from how much you have actually earned up to that printed estimate date.

Q. Back in 1981, my wife and I decided, due to the birth of our second child, to close out her annuity with the federal government ($2,400). At that time we were not planning on her returning to work. After three years at home, she went back to work under a different job description/retirement program for the federal government. That was 32 years ago. We divorced during that time frame and have both happily remarried. She retired in 2017 and has received a letter advised that she needs to repay the $2,400 plus interest to the tune of around $30,000.…

Q. I am retiring at the end of this year and will be a 30-year FERS annuitant. I expect to receive a FERS pension and Social Security in retirement. My wife only worked part-time and will receive a much smaller amount from Social Security. In the event of my death, what will my wife receive? Will she be able to get my FERS survivor benefit and my Social Security, since it is larger?

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