Q. I’ve been with the U.S. Postal Service over 16 years under FERS and am 63 years of age. I injured myself on the job and am currently on workman’s comp and working part-time. I injured my back and was diagnosed permanent for my back injury. My question is what would be more beneficial: disability retirement or regular retirement. Would I lose my retirement benefits choosing disability retirement?

Q. I am 61 years old with 20 years of federal service. I am trying to figure out whether I retire now or closer to 62. My plan was to retire next year at the end of July, but I am interested in the supplement that is not granted until I am 62. I am not too happy at my job right now and am thinking about getting out a little earlier. What advice do you have?

Q. My ex-wife will receive a portion of my CSRS annuity as ordered by our divorce settlement. Since she was not a federal employee is her share of the annuity subject to the windfall elimination provision? Mine will be, but since her share will come directly to her from the Office of Personnel Management is her share also subject to the WEP?

Q. I am a CSRS annuitant who retired with a Federal Employee Health Benefits family plan in 2010. In 2016, my spouse, who is a federal employee, enrolled in the FEHB Program and I suspended my FEHB enrollment because she picked up our family plan that included myself. My spouse is going to retire in April 2018, and from what I have read she won’t meet the five-year criteria prior to retiring to keep FEHB. What is the procedure to re-enroll as an annuitant in the FEHBP so my spouse and family does not lose coverage? Does her ineligibility, by…

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