Q. If you have a negative balance for sick leave (i.e., -149.50 advance sick leave), and you are medically retired from the federal system, how is that deficit addressed? Is it repaid out of your earnings or wiped from the books?

Q. I am a retiree with 35 years of government service as a CSRS Offset employee. I am entitled to my full Social Security check because I have worked in private industry prior to working with the government and have over 30 years with government employment. So, I am an exception to the Windfall Elimination Provision. OPM has reduced my pension. Why is my pension being reduced?

Q. My husband was retired from the U.S. Forest Service 12 years ago and receives a pension. His first wife died a year after he retired, and the pension plan was still deducting the survivorship amount from his pension. We married in 2007, and he realized that I am not eligible for the survivorship because he did not change the spouse information in the time allowed. They are going to refund the survivorship deduction over the last 11 years, but is there anything else we can do to become eligible? What if we divorce and then remarry?

Q. I’m 24 years retired from the military and currently a federal employee under FERS. The Employee Benefits Information System reflects I am eligible for MRA+10 by December 2024. By then, I am 56 years old. Will I be illegible for SRS if I retire at my minimum retirement age?

Q. I am a FERS employee and retired from the military. I’ll have 18 years of service by the end of August 2017. I never bought back my military time. Is that something that I can do now, or is it too late?

Q. I am retired 23 years from the military, working now as GS and did not buy back time. By the time I am eligible for full retirement at 67, I will have about 15 years in FERS. Am I entitled to military, FERS and Social Security separate payments?

Q. I’ve been with the government for 32 years and have based my TSP contributions on having the special retirement supplement when I’m eligible to retire in six years. Can Congress approve the budget and eliminate something that’s been promised to millions of federal employees just like that? This seems like a breach of contract and illegal. Am I wrong about that? Wouldn’t current employees have to be grandfathered in?

Q. I am 63 and retired from Tobyhanna Army Depot. I have coverage with Geisinger Health Plan as part of my retirement package. I have Tricare standard, being retired military. How do I drop Geisinger since I receive Tricare at no monthly cost? It makes no sense to pay for one that is close to $300 per month when I have Tricare that has a much lower deductible, and I will have to come under Medicare Part B in the near future. How do I do this?

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