Q. I’m a CSRS Offset retiree. If I don’t file for Social Security at age 62, my annuity will be offset (reduced) at the age of 62. It is my understanding that I can continue to work and not be subject to the Social Security income limitation, correct?

Q. I am trying to locate a specific regulation or a rule that specifically states that “one person” who was on a NTE 120 temporary promotion (non-competitive) cannot be given another “temporary promotion” for a particular amount of time without competing for the position.

Q. I have a drinking problem and now the U.S. Post Office has given me papers to suggest separation. I am 55 years old. I went ahead and put in retirement papers for next year. Can they fire me and cause me to lose my retirement benefits? What is the best way to handle this situation? I have 32 years in. And aren’t they supposed to offer me rehab for my addiction?

Q. I’m getting mixed advice about the maximum amount of time my current agency can retain me because it is not a transfer within the agency, but to an external agency. I have asked the human resources specialist to provide me with the Office of Personnel Management regulation that allows my current agency to retain me for 30 days. After two days, she indicated she is still researching it. I have scoured the OPM site and I have found nothing. Can you clear this up for me?

Q. If you are a GS-13, can you can get a temporary promotion to the next higher grade without having to wait 52 weeks? I have asked my personnel office this question and was told that’s not the case. I did my own research on the Office of Personnel Management website and don’t see any way that could happen.

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