Q. I left federal service in 2006 with 22 years of service and was in FEHB at all times. If I can go back into federal service to regain eligibility for FEHB in retirement, what type of appointment need it be? And is there a minimum time of service before retiring from that reemployment at age 60 or older?

Q. I’m a CSRS Offset retiree. If I don’t file for Social Security at age 62, my annuity will be offset (reduced) at the age of 62. It is my understanding that I can continue to work and not be subject to the Social Security income limitation, correct?

Q. I am trying to locate a specific regulation or a rule that specifically states that “one person” who was on a NTE 120 temporary promotion (non-competitive) cannot be given another “temporary promotion” for a particular amount of time without competing for the position.

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