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Q. I am 52 years old with 30 years of federal service under my belt. There is a possibility my agency will do away with my position. What are my options should this happen? I am not in a position that I can relocate to another area. Will I lose my FEHB if my position is abolished and I cannot find another federal job? Will I be eligible for immediate retirement even though I don’t meet the MRA requirement? FEHB is the only health insurance I have. My husband does not have a health insurance plan. Do I still qualify for…

Q. I recently attended a FERS retirement seminar and was told that buying back my enlisted military retirement is a bad idea because it would be close to $40,000 to $50,000. I have calculated my buy back on several online federal calculators and don’t come up with anything near that cost. I am calculating all of my active duty earnings from my entry date on active duty through my retirement date — 20 years and one month. I have included the 10 years of interest I have accrued as well since I did not buy it back within my first four years of…

Q. If you have a break in your service before you’re vested, would you still fall under your original retirement plan once you complete the five-year vesting time period?

Q. I will be retiring in 2016 and was considering Aug. 6 (since it’s the end of a pay period), but I have heard that it is best to retire on the first to the third day of the month. Can you give me the pros and cons of each scenario?

Q. I am a FERS LEO retiree who retired at age 52 with 25 years of government service. I am now 53 years old. Is it true that my wife can earn as much as she can over $15,720 without it affecting my Social Security supplement until I reach the MRA of 56? Also, must I request the Social Security supplement each year, or is it automatic?

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