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Q. If you have a break in your service before you’re vested, would you still fall under your original retirement plan once you complete the five-year vesting time period?

Q. I will be 62 this month. I am a federal retiree and receive approximately $3,200 gross for my monthly annuity. My Social Security statement says I would receive $1,221 per month. I was a civil service offset employee as I had previous civil service from 1971 to 1975. I returned to federal employment in January 1987 and retired in January 2014. Will I be able to collect the whole $1,221 in Social Security benefits, or will it be reduced by the GPO? I’m confused because I’m reading about federal pensions and no Social Security was paid. I therefore paid…

Q. I have 34 years of government service. I was hired by the postal service as a FERS employee in 1990 and was converted to CSRS Offset in 2012. I am retired and plan on collecting my Social Security benefits this year, at age 62. How much will my civil service pension be reduced if my Social Security benefits are $1700 per month at age 62 and I received an annuity estimate of $3300 per month?

Q. I retired under the CSRS with approximately 33 years of government service, and I qualified for Social Security under other jobs. How will my CSRS monthly pension be affected when I begin to qualify for Social Security? A. Qualifying for a Social Security benefit would have no affect on your CSRS annuity. On the other hand, because you’d be receiving an annuity from CSRS — a retirement system where you didn’t pay Social Security taxes — your Social Security benefit would be subject to the windfall elimination provision. WEP reduces the Social Security benefit of anyone like you who has fewer…

Q. I retired at the age of 45 and began receiving a CSRS annuity. I went to work for the state of Virginia and retired at the age of 62 and 6 months and began receiving Social Security. My CSRS annuity was offset once I became eligible to receive Social Security. I’ll be 66 this September, I’m still working and was considering re-employment with the federal government. Will my CSRS annuity or Social Security be affected if I become employed with the federal government?

Q. I had 16 years of CSRS from 1980-1996. I left federal service in 1996 and took my money out. The amount to pay it back with interest is too much. I then returned to federal service in 2010 and have become part of CSRS Offset. I plan to work for 10 more years, which will give me 15 years of CSRS Offset. How much will my annuity be reduced by not paying back the 16 years of CSRS I had?

Q. I am a Civil Service Retirement System/Federal Employees Retirement System retiree that left the government after 30 years. I switched to FERS in 1987. At age 62, I had 21 years of substantial earnings under social security. I began receiving social security benefits at 65. By age 62, I had 7 years of substantial earnings in the private sector. Most of these years are maximum earnings. Will my social security benefits be increased? In total I now have 27 years of substantial earnings and will be 69 in October.

Q. I am 59 years old have retired from the U.S. Forest Service under mandatory retirement as a firefighter. I currently work in an emergency hire capacity as a Administratively Determined employee. As a CSRS Offset retiree, I will be forced to apply for Social Security at 62 and will have an earning cap of around $15,000. What is the penalty if I exceed this earning limit? I would like to continue to work for a number of years past 62 and could easily surpass this earning limit.

Q. I found out I had the CSRS offset when I was hired in 1985 and was automatically converted to FERS. I don’t remember doing this. What happens now?  Am I penalized by having the CSRS? I plan on retiring in 2016 after 30 years of government service.

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