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Q. I was retired on CSRS disability with 30 years of service at age 52. OPM has sent me a letter that I have made too much money for 2010 through 2012. I would have been eligible for full retirement in July 2009 (and will be age 60 in July 2014). What are my options? Can I convert to full retirement or discontinued service retirement? Can I do this retroactively to 2009?

Q. I am 51 years old and have suffered a stroke. I realize I could probably apply for FERS disability retirement, but I have a dilemma. I am buying back my military service time, but I have about five years to buy it all back. Which is better to apply for disability retirement or regular early retirement?

Q. I have been working as a term federal employee paid by a research grant and covered by FERS. The funding for my position may end soon, forcing me to be involuntarily terminated from my position at age 58 with 29 years towards retirement. I understand that if I quit voluntarily and took an immediate annuity it would be reduced because I am under age 62. However, if I were permanent and were involuntarily separated I would not see this reduction. Since I am term and separated involuntarily, will I have a reduction in an immediate annuity?

Q. I am a discontinued service rehired annuitant. I worked at a U.S. Army post and was phased out during a base closure and realignment in 2011. I received priority placement in 2012 at a nearby Army post and was rehired. I’ve been here almost two years. VERA/VSIP is now being offered with a $25,000 buyout. I have the age and years in. I’m not interested in leaving yet; but as a FERS rehired annuitant, would I be eligible for the VERA/VSIP $25,000 buyout presently being offered?

Q. I am 57 years and two months old. I am most likely going receive a sanction on my nursing license in late April or early May. I have 21 years and three months of service, including three years of military buyback time. I have carried federal health insurance since 1995. If I wait until the probable board sanction and I get terminated, will I still be able to defer retirement until age 60? Will I still be able to continue health insurance at age 60? Or would it be better to retire the day before the stated board of…

Q. FERS discontinued service retirement with 29 years and nine months. After five months of trying to reach the Office of Personnel Management, I was told I’m not entitled to the special retirement supplement due to less than 30 years. I am 56 years old. All paperwork received prior to retirement indicated that I was entitled to it.

Q. I am a federal air technician with the Air National Guard. I have 34 years in the Guard and 27 years as a federal full-time technician. I am in FERS and have a minimum retirement age of 56. I will be 53 this year. It has been communicated to me that I will probably not be retained this year, meaning that Dec. 31, 2014, I will be involuntarily retired, thus losing my full (technician) and part-time (traditional Guard) employment. When can I begin collecting my retirement pay, Social Security, Thrift Savings Plan? Are there any penalties if I was…

Q. I am a dual status military technician, who will be 57½ years of age at my mandatory retirement date and have 23 years federal service under FERS. Due to the MRD of July 31, 2016, I will be involuntarily separated from my federal job, and not make 25 creditable years of service. Can I get a FERS retirement without a reduced annuity?

 Q. I am a postmaster under FERS. I have 30 years of service and will be 53 years and 11 months old when I receive separation notice in September. All my research suggests I will be able to retire under discontinued service retirement. It seems illogical the Postal Service would offer a VERA eight months before that. It seems to suggest that an obscure fact will be revealed then that will disqualify myself and others from DSR. How could I protect myself in that event?