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Q. I am an airline pilot and forced to retire at 65. Why am I penalized because I received Social Security at age 65 when it is forced retirement? I feel this is discrimination, and I am being unjustly penalized because if I was not forced to retire I could wait until full retirement age to get maximum Social Security benefits. How can I get the maximum benefits at age 65?

Q. I am a dual status military technician, who will be 57½ years of age at my mandatory retirement date and have 23 years federal service under FERS. Due to the MRD of July 31, 2016, I will be involuntarily separated from my federal job, and not make 25 creditable years of service. Can I get a FERS retirement without a reduced annuity?

Q. I am a federal firefighter under FERS. When I reach age 57, I will have 20 years of service. 1. Can I resign from the Forest Service without drawing my retirement? 2. Can I then collect my firefighter retirement at age 62 or later? 3. Can I resign from the Forest Service and move to another government position?

Q. I am trying to understand the special retirement supplement. I am under FERS. I plan on retiring from a position of air traffic controller at my mandatory retirement age of 56 with 33 years and four months of service (I was born in 1962). I have been told by a few people that because I am forced to retire at age 56, the special retirement supplement will not be means tested. Is that correct?

Q. I work for the Bureau of Prisons and will be forced to retire in 22 months. I started my career just before I turned 37, so I will only get my 20 years of service in and that’s it. In the year or so prior to my hire date, the maximum starting age was raised, and I’m interested in whether there is any chance of it being raised again prior to my retirement.

 Q. I resigned from a federal Series 1811 law enforcement officer position several years ago. The resignation from federal employment was prior to obtaining 20 years of service and while I was younger than 50. The mandatory retirement age for my position is 57. At what point can I apply for the deferred annuity payment, and will that payment be reduced by 5 percent for each year that I am younger than 57? Also, how do I apply for the annuity? Whom do I contact — the Office of Personnel Management? My agency? And will I need to supply any…

Q. I am a 58-year-old retired Army officer (1977-1997) with 20 years of active service and have collected monthly retirement pay since 1997. I then worked 16 years in the civilian sector, paying into Social security. I have recently been selected as a foreign service officer and expect to start federal service again this year. I will face mandatory retirement at age 65 (2020). What is the best option for me as far as retirement planning goes?  Should I convert my military pension? Do I forfeit my retirement pay while I work for State Department?