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Q. I am CSRS Offset. It is my understanding that when I apply for Social Security, a portion of my CSRS Offset retirement will be SS. My question involves my husband’s collection of his SS.  When he passes, will I be eligible for his SS? I know his is more and we are making retirement plans for him.

Q. I just retired from federal service with 23 years plus four years military bought back. I am starting a job with the Teachers Retirement System of Texas, in which I do not pay into Social Security. How will this affect my Social Security benefits later, when I start to take them? Let me ask two examples: 1. I am 51 now. If I choose to work for TRS for 12 years, retire and take a partial retirement from TRS (vested after five years) along with my FERS retirement, and then want to start taking Social Security payments at, say,…

Q. I started working for the Postal Service in 1983. I also worked before that for the Navy and other places and have received a Social Security Administration statement saying I will be eligible for Social Security benefits at age 66. Is there a percentage that is deducted from either my Postal Service retirement or Social Security benefits? What is CSRS Offset? Am I in that, or would I know if I were?

Q. I am CSRS. I earned my 40 quarters before becoming a fed. I plan to retire May 2 at almost 65 years old. I am not going to apply for Social Security until 66. I will have almost 37 years of combined federal service. When I apply for Medicare Part A at 65, there will be no cost, correct? When I go on Social Security, there will be no cost for Medicare Part A, correct?

Q. I worked 10 years under Social Security (40 quarters) prior to entering federal service under CSRS in 1979. I retired last year at age 65 and intend to apply this year for Social Security when I turn 66. Will the Social Security retirement payment not be reduced by the CSRS Offset because the Social Security contributions were made before the federal service employment with no overlap?

 Q. I retired as a FERS employee. I worked for the federal government for 32 years. The last 12 years, I switched to FERS and paid Social Security. I was under the impression that I would receive my full Social Security once I applied for it, without the windfall elimination provision. Is this correct?

Q. I am a CSRS employee who started with the Postal Service in 1981. However, I worked in a supermarket before the USPS and worked for the union for the past six years. For both of those other jobs, I have paid and still am paying Social Security. I have heard the expression of “having enough quarters” for Social Security retirement. What does that mean, and how many quarters are needed?