Q. I have worked for the Department of Veterans Affairs for 25 years, and I have always has Self Plus One coverage (no dependents). For several years I’ve been enrolled in the AvMed self and family health plan because it didn’t have the option for a Self Plus One plan. After realizing the increased premium, I asked human resources about it, who said OPM created a Self Plus One option in 2015. Since there is only one additional member (my spouse) who has legally used my health benefits, I am requesting a refund for the difference in premiums paid over the past…

Q. I am a federal retiree on Medicare parts A and B, and I also have Geha — a standard option that covers parts of my prescription costs. I was thinking about getting Medicare Part D just to be safe. I was told that if I sign up for Medicare Part D, then Geha will drop me. Is this a fact?

Q. I am FERS and eligible to keep my medical insurance after retirement. Do I need to enroll my husband before retirement in order for him to qualify, or can I enroll him at an open season after retirement if insurance is needed? By the same token, if he is enrolled before I retire, can I take him off my plan at open season after retirement if he no longer needs insurance?

Q. I am a retired U.S. Postal Service employee. I work another job full time but maintain my federal Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage. I am now married, effective with the same-sex marriage law. My spouse, who is 70, also works full time and has BCBS through his employment. When he retires, can I add him to my insurance as he does not have any health insurance benefit other than Medicare? What would be the cost? Would/could we both have Medicare and BCBS?

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