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Disability retirement eligibility


Q. A little over two years ago I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer. Chemo treatments twice monthly have rendered it increasingly difficult to perform my job in an acceptable manner. On the advice of my doctors and with the support of my supervisor and agency, I am applying for disability retirement. I have almost 22 years with the federal government, and I am under FERS. I submitted my application to the Social Security Administration and was immediately advised that I was not eligible because 1) I am still working; and 2) I make more than $1,000 per week. I…

Retirement bonus due to disability?


Q. I am a 63-year-old city letter carrier with 25 years of service with the USPS and an additional two years with the Army. In 1997, I was injured on the job from a dog attack while delivering mail and was given a 10 percent permanent disability. Soon after the injury, a fellow worker suggested that I was entitled to a bonus in my retirement payment due to my injury, and I was wondering if he was correct. I plan on working until I am 66 for a full Social Security benefit with a full 30 years combined postal retirement. Can you…

Reinstatement after retirement


Q. I retired in January with 38.4 years of Postal Service EAS service, too early. In February, my doctor changed my blood pressure medication, and it was like the fog had lifted. I realized I made the biggest mistake of my life. I’ve called Shared Services, OPM, our human resources department multiple times for reinstatement with the same response of no, except one person from OPM indicating I could return and suspend my retirement. I am desperate. Using the medication sounds like a poor excuse except for the fact that my actions were so out of character for me.

Voluntary FERS retirement and OWCP


Q. I’m currently receiving Worker’s Comp. payments for a work related knee injury in July 2012. I’ve had two surgeries and tried numerous physical therapy sessions and the problem has only worsened. I’m in pain all the time. I haven’t returned to work since my injury. I told my doctor that I couldn’t keep up the therapy because it was too painful. My agency required a medical answer from my surgeon as to whether I was able to do anything. He stated that I was permanently incapacitated at this time. I was surprised my agency hadn’t separated me, and I…

VA disability and FERS medical


Q. I am a civilian FERS employee who received a work related injury.  Right now, I’m in the process of buying back my active military service (four years).  My injury is one that may eventually put me out on FERS medical retirement.  Can I collect federal medical retirement and VA disability?  Would it be beneficial for me to stop my military buyback?

Disability and buyout retirement


Q. I received an “early-out/buyout” in 2005 with 24 years (FERS) of service prior to my minimum retirement age. I was age 46 at the time. I am currently receiving social security disability income. Will I be eligible to receive a FERS annuity once I reach my minimum retirement age (MRA)? Will I still be able to collect social security disability income? Or if when I reach my MRA, can I collect the FERS Special Supplement and the social security disability income?

FERS disability for term employee


Q. My husband is a helicopter maintenance instructor on a term-appointment due to expire Dec. 31, 2014. He was taken out from his position as a primary instructor and put in the an assistant instructor position due to memory problems that are affecting his ability to teach and do proper fixes on the aircraft. His supervisor recommended in a counseling statement that he seek medical attention to identify any issues. He has been recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and excruciating face pain. He will meet the MRA + 10 retirements in August of this year (all term appointment time) but…

Disability retirement conversion to other retirement


Q. I was retired on CSRS disability with 30 years of service at age 52. OPM has sent me a letter that I have made too much money for 2010 through 2012. I would have been eligible for full retirement in July 2009 (and will be age 60 in July 2014). What are my options? Can I convert to full retirement or discontinued service retirement? Can I do this retroactively to 2009?

FERS and Social Security disability


Q. My husband was retired from active military at 100 percent disability for a line of duty illness. He also has a FERS pension that is currently at 60 percent the first year and 40 percent for all the rest. They required him to file for Social Security disability, which he was denied. We have received notice from FERS asking him to re-apply for Social Security disability. I’m sure this will affect his FERS pension, however I have been unable to get an answer as to how.

Disability annuity after 62


Q. I retired as of 1/31/14 from USPS. I turned 62, and they told me that I would be unable to collect disability retirement because of my age. After having surgery on both hands, I was designated 30 percent impaired in both hands, job related. The Department of Labor is paying me a schedule award. I have signed up for Social Security. Is this true that I cannot collect disability?

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