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Q. My wife went from active duty to reservist as a military tech. She bought back all military time while serving as a tech. She was beyond the 20-year mark when she was returned to active duty, where she retired. Now she has been reinstated as civil service. Will she get the benefit of eight hours a pay period for leave purposes? She has 6-plus years under Social Security. If she does not get credit for the previous years of service, can she request a refund from the military buy-back program without affecting previous contributions to her retirement fund?

Q. Nine years ago (in 2007) I voluntary resigned from the U.S. Postal Service after 21 years and six months of service. I’ve transferred my TSP to a regular IRA account. Am I entitled to any retirement/pension benefits? At what age can I start receiving the benefits? I am now 57 years old.

Q. If I complete 13 years of active duty in 2018 and tack on seven years of reserve duty until 2025, I will start receiving military retirement benefits for those 20 years at age 60. If I become a GS employee in 2018 and serve 20 years until I am 57, will I be able to receive my military retirement pension as well as my FERS pension? If I “make a contribution” (aka buy back those 13 years of active-duty service), will I have to forfeit the military retirement benefits because it will be rolled into the FERS?

Q. I was on a “permanent” position, tenure 1 as a rehired CSRS employee. I was laid off. Reason: Lack of funds. Who can I contact to get my job (or equivalent) back? I have heard nothing from OPM about reinstatement. Can I be paid “back pay”?

Q. I retired after 26 years of military service with a disability rating and have been a DoD civilian employee for seven years. I’m 58 now and considering full-time retirement but haven’t reached the MRA+10 requirement yet with only seven years in FERS. I have been told that I can sell back three years of my 26 military years and pay the difference. The questions are: Is that true? How would I find out the cost?

Q. If I’m offered a position at a lower grade, but the same pay through pay retention (same GS pay plan), would declining it forfeit my already filed disability retirement application? Also, position would be non-law enforcement versus my current law enforcement retirement plan, so I would be giving up my enhanced 20-year law enforcement officer annuity. According to what I’ve read, I’m not required to accept a lower grade position — even if they match the pay rate.

Q. I am a part-time flexible clerk who was hired on July 7, 1984. At the time, I was told when I retired my annuity would be figured as if I was a full-time employee. In 2011 I attended a retirement seminar and was told the same thing. You can imagine my surprise when at 57 years old and 32 years of service I received my annuity estimate, and it is prorated at 52 percent: much less then I was told I would receive. What is going on?

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