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Q. I am a 48-year-old with 25 years of service with the Postal Service. My office will be reduced in September 2014 to a six-hour office. My husband was a retired Marine with a service-connected death. What are my options with the Postal Service plan? Can I be RIF’ed and can my pay be cut? I have veterans’ preferences documented on my Form 50.

Q. I am a letter carrier covered by FERS and I have 26 years in. I am 49 years old and my minimum retirement age is 56 years and six months. I would like to leave the post office, get a job with the Veterans Affairs Department and work there until my MRA. Would I get the same retirement at VA as I would get with USPS if I stayed there until my MRA?

Q. I am 45 years old with 15 years of FERS. My job is being moved 85 miles away and I am trying to determine the benefit (if any) to my FERS pension (beyond the addition of five years to the total) of continuing on five more years until I have 20 years and am 50 years old. Resign now with 15 years at 45 years old vs. tough out the drive for five more years and resign at 20 years at 50 years old? What advantage is there to this (if any) on my FERS pension?

Q. I was employed in federal law enforcement with 6(c) status for 19 years under FERS.  My agency closed my post of duty and gave me no option other than to move 300 miles or leave the agency. Due to family reasons, I resigned. A few years later, I returned to federal law enforcement, but not with 6(c) status. I now have over 25 years of total federal service. I was informed that if an agency closes a duty location and can only relocate a person outside the commuting area, and a person leaves 6(c) status, those years (6(c)) are…

Q. My husband resigned from federal service eight months shy of fulfilling five years of service. If he returns to the federal government and has left his retirement in place, I know that he will begin accruing time toward his five years vestment. However, do his years of service also accrue from where his time left off – four years and four months?

Q. What would my retirement benefit percentage be if I retire at 20 years as a law enforcement officer but I am only 43? Four years of military bought back. Started in the Federal Bureau of Prisons at age 22 in 1993. Will have 20 years on Sept. 19 and will turn 43 a few days later. Served in the Army from age 18 to 22, 1989-1993. Can I do this? Presumably with a decreased benefit.

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