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Q. I am a Postal Service CSRS employee with 41 years and 11 months of service. I will retire soon, never switched to FERS. The first two years were a part time job called “Postal Assistant,” requiring me to be a college student. The job allowed me to work a 16-hour week (Saturday and Sunday). My paychecks indicated an hourly wage rather than salary. A recent USPS computer-generated annuity estimate indicates those years as creditable but unfunded service. I have never made a deposit toward that time. The annuity estimate provided does not account for an annuity reduction due to…

Q. You responded to a recent question regarding someone retiring from the Senate at age 50 with 21 years of service. He asked if he would be eligible for the special retirement supplement at age 56. You responded by saying yes if he was FERS. If I work for the Postal Service and have almost 28 years, am 58 years of age, and am under FERS, would I be eligible for the supplement if I retired?

Q. In 2000, I did a deferred retirement from the Postal Service after 20 years of service under FERS. Now that I am 60, I would like to apply for my pension, but I am having difficulty finding the appropriate form to initiate this. Does anyone know which form I should use, or the contact number of someone who can assist me with this?

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