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Q. You responded to a recent question regarding someone retiring from the Senate at age 50 with 21 years of service. He asked if he would be eligible for the special retirement supplement at age 56. You responded by saying yes if he was FERS. If I work for the Postal Service and have almost 28 years, am 58 years of age, and am under FERS, would I be eligible for the supplement if I retired?

Q. I retired in 2006 after 39 years of federal service under CSRS. I receive a retirement annuity every month.  I’m doing some contractor work and have over 10 years under Social Security. If I apply for Social Security benefits, will my CSRS monthly annuity be decreased by the Social Security amount? If so, what benefit is it to pay Social Security taxes if I won’t ever apply to receive them? Also, do you have to pay this tax?

Q. Overview:  I began in the Air Force Non-Appropriated Fund in 1996, enrolled in NAF retirement plan in 2000, ported to GS in 2005 with deferral of my NAF retirement (calculated at 5.27 yrs) and entered FERS. My current GS position will be abolished in 2014 (at nine years FERS). I have the potential of porting into a NAF position. I wish I had just retained NAF retirement, but lack of research and misguided human resources recommendations led me to where I am with a split retirement outlook. Given my FERS time will total only nine years at abolishment, if I move…

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