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Q. I retired from the Air National Guard with 20 years (16 FERS and four active-duty buyback). Under MRA+10, can I apply for my annuity at my minimum retirement age (56 years, four months)? I read that I will be penalized 5 percent for every year I am under 62. Doing the math, it appears that it would take roughly 18 years to make up the difference in retirement pay if I waited until age 62. In other words, am I better off taking a 25 percent penalty at 57 rather than drawing at 60 or 62?

Q. I have three years and four months time in civil service and under FERS. I will be 62 when I hit five years under FERS and eligible for pension. If I take a three-year term position at this time, will this count to make my five-year vesting, and will I be able to retire under the FERS plan the same as if I worked three more years in my current position? I have bought back my military time, which is an additional four years.

Q. I have just retired after 31 years and 10 months of service as a federal law enforcement officer. My retirement was mandatory at age 57. I have over 20 years in 6c position. I am under CSRS Offset. I would like to collect Social Security as well as my government pension at age 57. Can I receive Social Security benefits at age 57? At age 62, what amount are my benefits offset?

Q. I am 55 with 36 years of federal employment, including two one-year breaks in service. The last break was in 1985. I withdrew the funds I had paid into CSRS each time I broke service and have repaid a minimal amount of it. I thought I would be one of those people who worked forever; however, I have a progressively degenerative medical condition and likely will not be able to work more than another year at the most. I am totally ignorant about retirement and to what benefits I am entitled. For example, will my pension benefits be reduced…

Q. I’m 44 with 16 years in a covered federal law enforcement position plus three military years (which I haven’t bought back yet). How soon can I retire? When I reach 20 years in service, I’ll be only 48, or do I have to wait to reach 50? Could I retire then, and if so, what would I be leaving on the table?

Q. I am a FERS retiree on a discontinued service retirement/involuntary because my agency was closed in 2012. I have applied and will interview for a permanent part-time economic assistant position with the Department of Labor. I’m trying to determine: 1) Will I remain retired if I get and take this permanent part-time position? 2) Can I receive my full annuity and this part-time salary, or is my salary reduced? 3) If my salary is reduced, how do I calculate the reduction? 4) What other benefits are there of taking a part-time position in my case? For example, how much…

Q. I work for the federal Bureau of Prisons under FERS. I have eight years of active military paid for and five years’ civilian service. If I resign my position, will I be eligible to collect a deferred annuity at 57, my MRA, with the 5 percent penalty, because that will be more than 10 years’ government service combined, or will I have to wait till age 62?

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